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LMS vol 48 ch 8 & Important News about the Site!! Please read

Volume 48 chapter 8

I’ve basically caught up with the raws now. Volume 49 has just been released in Korea but it will take a while for the raws to spread in a form that I can have access and translate.

Now for some bit of news. As some people know, this is my last year of university so I am becoming extremely busy. Therefore, I neither have the time nor inclination to run this site anymore, especially when most of my stories are being posted in Gravity Tales, which is much easier due to auto next chapter buttons, auto table of contents, etc.

Thus, once my current hosting plan expires in June, I am going to let it run out and not renew it. LMS will probably be transferred to Gravity Tales. This includes volume 21,22 and 27 that I am going to retranslate as well as any new chapters.

For everything else, I am leaving a backup on my old website, which has reverted to the free version: arkmachinetranslations.wordpress.com. Any chapters that aren’t on that website (that isn’t LMS) will be transferred over.

Another thing, I will probably be deleting the Demon KIng’s Game chapters. This is because I feel like I didn’t do justice to the story with my translations and if anyone ever picks it up again, I would prefer they start from the beginning. They will stay up until this site is deleted, so you have ~4 months to make copies, epubs, pdfs or whatever you like.

Anyway, that is the last thing I have to say. I will also write this in an announcement for people who aren’t up to date and will leave an announcement when everything is transferred to Gravity Tales.

Edit: Everyone, I’m not stopping my translations. I will still be continuing at Gravity Tales, I am just deleting this website.