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Delays to LMS

Hey guys,

It is really annoying when I give people a timeline and post it specifically in the chapter so that people won’t miss it, yet they still do. I said that it would take more than a week, yet people were already demanding the chapter when it wasn’t even a week yet or complaining that I am slow.

It is hard enough working up the motivation to translate a really long chapter, let alone getting bombarded with all of that. Therefore, I have been barely translating LMS in the last few days.

The current status is 55% and it will take a few more days. If people keep asking me when the chapter comes out, then I might lose more motivation and the chapter might take even longer.

Sorry for those who waited patiently, but I’m really not in the mood atm.

Rainbow Turtle.

Dungeon Hunter chapter 101

Hey guys,

DH chapter 101 is out. You can read it here.

Unfortunately, this will be the last announcement post for DH and DS that I post here. I wanted to keep it up but I’m currently having an cpu load issue. I’ve reached 90% of my current monthly cpu allowance for the website and if I go over it, my website will be suspended until the start of the next month.

I’m currently trying to decrease traffic to this website so DH and DS announcement posts won’t be posted here anymore. Please subscribe to gravity, refresh there, check the noveltranslations reddit or novelupdates for other methods to get timely chapter updates.

LMS will still be posted here as normal but maybe try not to refresh the site so much. And if the website goes down in the next few days, please be patient and wait for the start of oct because there is nothing much I can do, especially if I’m gone to camp.

One week hiatus and changes to DH chapter numbering.

Hey guys,

Please read this announcement post for information about a 1 week break and changes to the DH chapter numbering. PLEASE READ the above post or else the rest might be confusing.

As for the sponsored chapters, I will be temporarily stopping that system since it became confusing with my move to gravity and another new novel. You can still choose to donate if you want to support my translations, it just won’t be applied to a particular story atm. Once I come back from camp, I will figure things out and tell you guys.

For now, LMS will still be released on the days it is scheduled at. DH will be released once every day, with the days with no LMS release getting an extra 1/2 chapters. As for the 6 sponsored chapters I have remaining for DH, I will release extra sponsored chapters once I get back from camp.

Thanks for understanding, Rainbow Turtle.