Space 6: Outlands

SPACE 6. Outlands

A forest covered with vines. However, it wasn’t the vines that needed to be watched carefully. It was the black, viscous liquid pouring down that seemed like the skin of a slime creature. The vines weren’t the only strange thing covering the forest. There were mushrooms that grew like thorns in the corpses of monsters, luminous moss that glowed in the dark and cactuses that released electricity when touched. Everything that caught the eye in the forest was bizarre. But that was just from the perspective of a human.

These bizarre life forms were native to Istana that was located thousands of light years away from earth. They had been growing in Istana’s environment for millions of years. But this environment was fatal to humans. Humans had no immunity again it so touching alien plants could cause unidentified diseases or genetic mutations. No, the constituents of the atmosphere were different from Earth so humans couldn’t even live there. Therefore humans had to terraform the environment to become similar to Earth’s. This was an area that hadn’t been terraformed yet. This was the 24th century so pioneers who received the body coating where their DNA was remodelled could survive in these areas called the Outlands.


It wasn’t a safe place even for pioneers who received the body coating. The body coating was the minimum conditions needed for survival in the Outlands. The Outlands were infested with monsters that transcended the imagination and the pioneers were food for these monsters. Naturally they weren’t friendly.


There are also monsters here!


Monsters here as well!

There were creatures everywhere as soon as the Outlands were entered. The monsters weren’t the only threatening ones. Once again, body coating was the minimum needed so ensure survival. There were toxic substances emitted from some plants to still poisoned pioneers despite them having the body coating. The cactus that caused electricity was particularly dangerous.

-Electric Tia-

Category: Space Plant Danger: C

Combat Power: –

Electric Tia is a plant commonly found on many planets in the galaxy.
This plant contains a very unique nature as it uses energy gained from photosynthesis to create electricity and release it outside. The electricity has a significantly high voltage and can have a fatal result for pioneers using electronic equipment.

He knew the information about the Electric Tia through his Clairvoyance skill. And he had experienced the deadly result talked about in the information window already. The earthworm like Harkerion was the monster that he encountered the most in the Outlands. During the battle he had stepped on an Electric Tia by accident and the information window appeared.

-You have been shocked by the electricity released by the Electric Tia!
<All stats and attack reduced by 10% for 10 minutes and you will become shocked every 5 seconds>
The capabilities of the Nymphe will also be paralyzed and all skills blocked>

Skill blockage and 10% reduction in stats! He was dumbfounded when he received this penalty in the middle of battle. He couldn’t fathom the surprise attack from unidentified animals and plants. It was the perilous Outlands where it was impossible to be careless for even one moment! Ark’s state of mind when he first entered the Outlands……

‘How fascinating!’

R-14 was a tutorial. When he arrived in Nephalim where the real game would start, he had been tricked by the hamster and sold to the Silver Hand. As a result, Ark’s relationship with the Silver Hand was tremendously helpful to him. But it wasn’t something he had personally chosen to do.
Then he was caught as a criminal and sent to Beltana. When he returned from Beltana he was caught by Marquis Martin and became the billboard of the federation. Ark still tried his best in every situation and got a good result but he had been feeling frustration throughout. He was playing the game but he had no freedom. That situation changed once he entered the Outlands.

‘Of course, I came here because of a quest but I have my freedom!’

He could go in any direction! There were unidentified dangers with every step! It was the type of adventure that all gamers liked! And Ark’s ability was exerted 120% in such a world. At first he had difficulty fighting the monsters. He wasn’t adapted to the unfamiliar surroundings and made significant mistakes. Now it had been 6 days since he entered the Outlands and Ark was showing his ability to adapt. He began to grasp what was needed to survive in the Outlands. He wasn’t just receiving surprise attacks from monsters but was actively ‘hunting.’ That was his idea when walking.

‘……I’ve found it!’

Ark’s eyes brightened as he looked at the monster on the other side of the vine. It was a raptor like monster similar to dinosaurs in Jurassic Park called the Bellos. Level 65. On the other hand, Ark was currently level 61. He had been level 52 when first leaving Nabe. He gained 9 levels in a mere 6 days. He encountered the Harkerion as soon as he entered the Outlands and reached level 60. Continuously hunting high level monsters meant it was natural for him to gain levels quickly. But there was a decisive reason why he could gain 9 levels after only 6 days. It was……

‘Ouch! It is painful just thinking about it!’

Ark couldn’t be completely happy. This was because there was something he had to give up to achieve such results. Ark became lost in his memories before shaking his head.

‘Damn! Forget it! There is no point dwelling on the past. Anyway, thankfully I’ve reached the level where I can hunt the Bellos. Yes, I need to think like this. Right now I need to concentrate on the Bellos. If I make a mistake like last time then I’ll be left bleeding.’

Anyway, the Bellos was 4 levels high than Ark. However, the bonus he received from the Survivor coating meant it was possible for him to win. The problem was they always went around in a pair of female and male. This was why the Bellos were able to occupy an area full of level 70 monsters. Two level 65 monsters……

He honestly felt lucky. The experience earned was equivalent to fighting 1 level 80 monsters. But…..

‘I can’t just live on experience.’

This was the reason he went looking for the Bellos. Ark wasn’t hunting the monsters for combat but for the loot. And the Bellos was the Outlands creature that Ark could get the most loot from. If he saw items then of course he would want to get his hands on them!

‘Now shall I get started?’


Ark murmured in a low voice. And it felt like his body disappeared at the same time. The light refracted around his body was one of the Survivor coating skills, Stealth! It was the same skill as other online games but this Stealth was more difficult to use. If he lost concentration when using Stealth then he would become transparent or hazy like a ghost. When he first tried to use Stealth, his body was blurry like a ghost and was still attacked. But he became accustomed after using it several times. His practiced his concentration through repetition over the past 6 days and he could maintain his transparency. Yet he still couldn’t rest assured. Stealth was easily removed.

Sneak, sneak.

Ark carefully creeped closer to the Bellos. It was only 40 metres but it took him 3 minutes to reach the Bellos undetected. A black light shot out from the Impact Blade.


-The Bellos has received a sudden blow!

<The Bellos was caught off guard and receives damage x4. The Bellos is shocked by the blow and its power and willpower will decrease by 20%>

-The message flashed after the hit. This was the biggest effect of maintaining the Stealth status and approaching the monster. If Ark approached the monster from behind and dealt a sudden blow then he could deal x4 his base damage to the monster. The ‘fear’ effect also made its strength and willpower decreased by 20%.

‘The extra damage and effect from the surprise attack is amazing…..’

That was the valuable part. It was possible to use skills in the Stealth state. However, his proficiency wasn’t high enough to maintain the Stealth state while using attack skills. Stealth would be turned off the moment he attacked. That’s why he always tried to combine ‘Backstab’ with ‘Sudden blow.’
Backstab gave an extra x2 damage. The ‘Fear’ effect was an added benefit. And that effect alone was enough.

Kaack! Kuaaack!

The Bellos bled heavily and its health was reduced by 30%. He had shaved away 30% of the monster’s health before the battle even began. This meant it was an easy win despite the 4 level difference. However, there wasn’t just 1 Bellos.

Kiyak! Kiyak! Kuaaah!

There was always a male and female together. Anyway, the other Bellos shrieked and rushed forwards as its companion started bleeding heavily. It flew forward with sharp claws. But Ark didn’t even turn his head.

‘If I try to deal with 2 at once then this will never end. I have to concentrate on only one!’

“Mind Shield!”

A round shield appeared around Ark’s body. It was the Mind Shield skill received from the Survivor body coating! It was a defense shield but it was different from other shields. Like all skills received from the Survivor body coating, it also depended on concentration……

-The Mind Shield has been activated.

<A shield with 180 durability has been generated around the body. The shield will reduce all damage by 40~60% until the durability falls to 0.

In addition, the effect of Backstab or Sudden Blow will be nullified by 100%>

‘Damn, that’s not even half of the maximum durability possible.’

Ark was disappointed as the message appeared in front of him. Depending on his concentration, the durability of the shield could vary between 50~500. Stealth was a skill used before battle so the concentration was easy to maintain. But Mind Shield needed to be used while battling so it was difficult to concentrate. The first shield had 200 durability but the average was 50~70 at the most.
Therefore the shield normally broke after a few attacks. After a few practices, he managed to get it over 100 and was working towards 250 durability. 180 was only an average amount.

‘It should take approximately 3~4 shots.’

He had initially questioned the Mind Shield but there was a large advantage when he actually used it.
Ark’s current shield absorbed approximately 1,000 damage! Mind Shield actually possessed twice the maximum durability. Bhurad’s shield only had 25 defense and blocked the enemy’s attacks. While it could stop long range bullets that directly hit it, it was vulnerable to close combat hits in areas not covered by the shield. Even if the shield had 1,000 defense, it could only block 2~3 shots!
However, Mind Shield covered the whole body. In other words, it acted like an armour rather than a shield. Mind Shield gave him the same defense but he didn’t need to worry about long or short distance attacks. But the best part about it……

Snap! Chwajijijijijik!

There was the sound of something hitting his back. Originally if he received a blow from behind then he would obtain x2 damage. The Bellos would deal Ark 180 damage. However, that changed once Mind Shield was applied. The shield absorbed 40~60% damage so Ark only received 36~54 damage. That was nothing to Ark who raised his health to 1,500!

‘But if the shield breaks then I will receive damage. Even my 1,500 won’t be able to endure 1 minute of being attacked from behind!’

It wasn’t a situation where he had plenty of leeway.

“Sonic Sword!”

Ark furiously attacked the Bellos. The blade broke through the speed of sound and caused a shockwave that dug into the Bellos’ neck. At the same time Ark pulled the trigger attacked to Impact Blade’s handle.

“Impact Shot!”

The Bellos stumbled and retreated. This was the convenient part about the Outlands. The gun was a basic equipment necessary to deal with mechanical life forms like the Nakuma. But savage monsters couldn’t use shields. Therefore he could mobilize both guns and swords while attacking.

Seokeok! Pepepeng!

The blade separated and made a bellowing sound! The bullets jammed into the wounds continuously. The Bellos was struck by a series of gun and sword attacks. But that didn’t mean Ark had a surplus of time. Mind Shield didn’t block 100% of the damage. Even if it was reduced by 40~60%, damage was still damage. It would steadily accumulate. Moreover, the shield only had 180 durability so if he lost concentration then he would die in a few hits.


Cheolkeok, chwaruru.

While the Bellos was stumbling, Ark quickly opened a cylinder in the Impact Blade. 4 bullet casings fell down.

‘I’ll settle it with this!’

He filled the cylinder with 4 more bullets. Ark finished reloading in an instant thanks to all his practice while the Bellos started attacking him again. While the Bellos was trying to bite his head off, Ark placed the tip of his sword against its jaw. The knife blade broke through the jaws. His finger that was on the trigger pulled it quickly.

“Set Bullets Shooting!”

Cheolkeok, cheolkeok, cheolkeok! Pepepeng!

3 bullets were fired at once! But the bullets he loaded this time weren’t ordinary. It gave 150% additional damage!


<You have inflicted a serious blow and the enemy will receive additional 150% damage>

-The flame effect has been applied thanks to the Fire Bullets hitting skin.

<Bullets will deal additional x5 damage.  It will give 50 fire damage for 1 minute>

At the same time the Bellos’ head was engulfed with flames.

Kuaaaah! Kiaaaahhh!

The Bellos shrieked and gave out a weird glow. But after a few minutes, the Bellos that was already in a critical condition took a few steps forward before collapsing. Then Ark’s shield broke and a red warning message popped up.

-You have received backstab damage from the Bellos!

His health was sucked out! In the end his Mind Shield was broken. The backstab damage caused him to lose 40% health straight away. But Ark just turned around with a pleasant smile.

“Now you’re the only one left!”

Greed gleamed from Ark’s eyes! The Bellos flinched from the outpouring of attacks and retreated. However the Bellos was also one of the predators of the Outlands! Ark didn’t know whether it was the husband or the wife but it had just seen its companion die.

Grrrrr! Kuaaaah!

Bellos growled and rushed towards him. Unfortunately the Bellos wasn’t very good at maths. Despite the two monsters attacking him, Ark’s health had only decreased by 40%. Of course, Ark’s shield broke but there was only one Bellos left. Even if the Bellos receive spiritual enlightenment that increased power by 2, the odds still weren’t in its favour. It was also blinded by rage and just ran wildly up to him……

“Sonic Sword! Impact Shot!”

Seokeok! Tang! Tang! Seokeok! Tang! Tang!

The sword sliced through the bullet hole……The Bellos became ragged as soon as the 1-on-1 battle began. Unfortunately the Bellos hadn’t received any spiritual enlightenment. But it wasn’t smart and kept on rushing towards him to be beaten. The Bellos’ health decreased to 10%.

Grrrr….Kuang! Kuang!

The Bellos studied his face and tried to retreat without him noticing. Then it shrieked and ran away.

‘It will be troublesome if I miss!’

This was the part that caused him a headache when dealing with the Bellos. If 1 Bellos was cornered then it would sometimes run away. Ark hadn’t expected it when he first fought the Bellos so he left it while it was in a critical condition. And he searched the body of the monster he already defeated.

Kaack! Kaack! Kaack Kuoooh!

Dozens of red eyes flashed between the vines. That’s right. To be exact, the Bellos wasn’t running away. It was in order to summon the other Bellos in the area to kill Ark. At that time Ark had used the battle suit to escape. Once the mana of the battle suit disappeared, he drank an ampoule and kept on running away from the chasing Bellos. But he had something to escape. If he was surrounded then he would inevitably die. And……

-Your level has risen!

-Your level has risen……

Ark went up 6 levels at once. That’s how Ark managed to gain 9 levels in 6 days. But it wasn’t for free. In that situation he had to give up something in order to survive. That was…..

‘Damn, I hadn’t considered something like that! If I miss then I’m screwed!’

Ark caught up to the Bellos and swung his sword.

“Do you think I will miss? Take this, Binding Sword!”

It was a skill that decreased his damage by 50% while binding the enemy for 1~3 seconds! If it was tied up for 1~3 seconds then he could somehow dispose of it. However…..

-Your attack has hit the target!

<You lacked concentration and failed to bind the Bellos>

“Dammit! Binding Sword!”

-Your attack has hit the target!

<You lacked concentration and failed to bind the Bellos>

It was the 3rd skill he received from the Survivor coating. He worried about Stealth and Mind Shield at first but it was 100% effective and worth it. He was satisfied with all except for one! The only exception was the Binding Sword. The other skills were used relatively early in battle so it was easy to focus. Although Binding Sword decrease damage by 50%, it allowed the enemy to be bound for 2~3 seconds. It could be used in situations like this when an enemy was running away. The problem was that he didn’t have time to focus like when he used Stealth or Mind Shield. He needed to chase the enemy so it was natural for his concentration to drop. The probability of the skill causing binding was only 30% so the result was clear once his concentration fell.

Miss! Miss! Miss!

It was a skill he learnt after a long time. In order to learn how to use it, Ark tried it at least once or twice in a battle. But so far he had only succeeded 5 times in 6 days. The probability was 30% but the actual success probability was 1%. If the binding wasn’t triggered than Binding Sword was just a skill that decreased damage by 50%.

‘There is a reason it was a 1 star rated skill!’

The damage was cut by 50% even when he used Sonic Sword. Using that skill in rapid succession……

“Binding Sword!”

-You are unable to use the skill because you don’t have enough mental power.

<Either rest or use a recovery ampoule to restore your mental power>

Ark currently had 800 mental power! However, he had consumed 200 using Stealth and Mind Shield. He had also consumed 400 mental power since the battle started. He persevered and used Binding Sword that consumed 50 mental power until it was depleted.

‘Damn, what is this……’

Instead of Binding Sword, it should be called Stressful Sword. Anyway, he wasted time and mental power while the Bellos increased the distance to 10 metres. The Bellos was a wild monster so it naturally moved faster than Ark. The forest was also tangled with vines so he couldn’t use the Air Board. But Ark hadn’t believed in Binding Sword. It was natural. What user would believe in a skill when the success rate was only 1%?

‘I saw it in this area when I scouted……there it is!’

Ark smiled while chasing after the Bellos.

‘The distance is 10 metres. If it is this degree……’

Ark grabbed his Impact Blade with both hands.

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

The ensuing four shots rattled the forest. The Bellos that was 10 metres away was hit by a blue light. It spasmed and fell down. The blue sparks was coming from a cactus near it. It was the Electric Tia! The strange cactus emitted electricity whenever it received an impact. When he first came to the Outlands, he often touched the cactus during battle and became bloody. But 6 days had passed since Ark came to the Outlands. Now he was accustomed to looking around and noticing any risk factors before the battle. This was why scouting was important in the Outlands. Anyway…..the Electric Tia caused electrocution for 5 minutes, the stats would be decreased by 10% and all skills blocked. But the deadly penalty was that the body was paralyzed for 10 seconds. Thus the Bellos couldn’t run away.

Kuoh, hek hek! Grrrr, hek hek!

The Bellos panted as it lay on the ground. The dinosaur like monster lying on the ground looked slightly pitiful. But Ark had no time to look at the circumstances of the dinosaur. The Bellos still had 10% health remaining. And it had escaped to a pretty far away place. There may be other Bellos in the area. He couldn’t relax even when it was paralyzed!

‘It is dangerous!’

Kyakak! Kyakak! Kyakak! Kyakak!

Ark quickly hurled attacks at the panting Bellos. The Bellos quickly fell to 4% health! His mental power also recovered enough for him to use a deadly skill.

“Now, this is the last shot! Set Bullets Shooting!”

Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok!


Panic appeared on Ark’s face. Set Bullets Shooting was Ark’s knockdown technique!
If Set Bullets Shooting hit when the Bellos only had 4% health left then it would die straight away.
However, there was one thing his head hadn’t considered. It was possible to reload bullets in the Impact Blade. The Impact Blade could have 4 bullets loaded at a time. And he had used 4 bullets to hit the Electric Tia.


The Bellos shrieked as it escaped from its paralysis. The monster immediately died as Ark’s sword hit it but……

‘……T-they came!’

Ark winced as he withdrew and looked around.

Beoseok! Beoseok!

The forest shook with the shrieks from other Bellos. The surrounding bushes shook and dozens of red eyes appeared in the darkness. The Bellos had heard the shriek of its kin and came running. There were dozens of level 65 monsters! His health was already low so it Ark was surrounded then he would die instantly.

“Dammit! Armour armament!”

Ark wore the battle suit and ran away. However, the area was thick forest so he couldn’t outrun the Bellos even while wearing the battle suit. And they had already surrounded Ark. He was hit by claws and fangs and his health dropped to 20%.

‘Impossible! I’ll end up dying like this! But…..but…..’

Ark bit his lip and struggled. However his worries didn’t last long. If he died then he would lose the 9 levels he gained. There was no meaning if that experience disappeared. He had to survive! At all costs! That was his ultimate priority inside Galaxian!


Ark cursed and threw a small object. And he threw himself flat on the ground!

Snap! Chwajijijijijik!

The small object exploded and black air currents swirled in the area. The dozens of Bellos were wrapped in the black air currents and their bodies crumbled to sand. However Ark had a gloomy expression on his face.

“Dammit, that is already 2 STK-VII……”

A few days ago Ark was surrounded by the Bellos and used it to survive. The STK-VII! It was the destructive grenade that dealt all enemies within a 20 metre diameter 1,500 damage. It even ignored defense! In other words, it was a weapon that could kill monsters with less than 1,500 health in one blow! Naturally the STK-VII was Ark’s trump card. But he inevitably used one when surrounded by the Bellos. The result was devastating. Dozens of Bellos disappeared in an instant!

‘This is more than I imagined! This power would be enough to wipe out dozens of level 60~70 monsters. In other words, the STK-VII made him invincible as long as he possessed it! He was carrying around something that could save his life. ‘Oh my god, what a tremendous waste to use the grenade on the Bellos!’

He could confirm its power. It was the same on this occasion as now.

–Your level has risen!

-Your level has risen……

The message simultaneously appeared with the Bellos’ death. He had gained 4 levels! But Ark couldn’t be pleased. He survived a situation where he would’ve 100% died! And he managed to save the experience he gained from several days of hunting! It was equivalent to exchanging one STK-VII for his life. Now he had only 1 STK-VII remaining in his bag!

“Damn, was I too greedy?”

Regret surged like a tidal wave but he had used the item already. Moreover, wasn’t there a reason he had the STK-VII in the first place? If he used it then his goal……

Even the might STK-VII had a downside. Everything caught in the explosion would disappear without a trace. So he couldn’t get any loot from the Bellos when he used the STK-VII. There was only the first two Bellos that he killed. Ark sighed and went back to the place where the killed the first Bellos.
He managed to obtain a few ‘Bellos Leather’ when examining the dead body. It was a basic leather product but there were still a lot of low level users so he could get a decent price for it. However, the reason he attacked the Bellos and risked danger wasn’t for some leather.

“The Bellos was a pair so it shouldn’t be far away……”

Ark looked around for a while. He finally found a nest under some thick, overgrown vines. Ark’s target wasn’t the Bellos but this nest.

“Sheesh, are my efforts also in vain this time?”

Ark clicked his tongue and murmured as he checked the nest. There were two reasons why Ark was looking for the Bellos’ nest. The monsters in the Outlands rarely dropped equipment. Most of their loot was leather, bones, meat or ores. The Bellos were the same but they also gathered various things from other monsters and left it in their nest. Sometimes pioneer objects dropped in the Outlands would also be mixed within. The shoes Ark was wearing was one such equipment.

-Pioneer’s Boots (Magic)

Item Type: Shoes   Wearer Restriction: Level 50

Defense: 15 Durability: 8/50

Shoes widely used among beginner pioneers. These boots are made from the leather of a monster so they are suitable for most environments. These boots in particular are made from luxury leather and allows the pioneers to walk in the Outlands on Istana without being poisoned.

<When exposed to a natural toxic environment, damage is reduced by 5%>

Magic item! The defense and option was decent but the shoes matched Ark perfectly. Ark barely had any equipment so he was grateful to find it. Therefore Ark concentrated on finding the Bellos’ nests but his income hadn’t matched his expectations yet. He sometimes found equipment but they were generally level 30 items. This time he only found a rusty sword when searching the nest. However, that wasn’t the only thing he obtained from the nest.

“There are 5 eggs?”

Ark gave the eggs in the nest a warm look. In fact, the second reason Ark risked hunting the Bellos was to obtain the eggs.

Usually nests contained 2~5 eggs……

“My satiety decreased quite a bit so shall I eat one?”

Ark quickly picked up an egg and placed it in his mouth.

-You have eaten a Bellos’ egg.

There was a slight toxicity but Steel Stomach means that you digested it with no problem.
The Bellos’ egg has high nutritional density and eating it will give you additional stats.

<Satiety +60%, Health and Mental Power will recover by 800 for 3 minutes>

* Your resistance to various abnormal stats has increased by 30% for 1 hour.

This was why Ark wanted the Bellos’ eggs!

It increased his satiety by 80% and recovered health and mental power by 800.  Furthermore, it was a high protein and low calorie food so it increased his resistance to various states by 30% for one hour! The pioneers were exposed to various dangerous states in the Outlands so this was a necessary ability.

Over the past 6 days, he had eaten various types of meat in the Outlands but the Bellos’ eggs gave the best bonuses. The only thing that weighed on his mind……

“This is the Bellos’ child……”

It was similar to killing the parents and eating the child. He hadn’t thought like that in the past.
However, Ark just heard that his mother was pregnant so he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. But if he thought like that then he couldn’t eat chicken or boiled eggs. Humans inevitably took away the lives of others to survive.

‘And why should I worry about monsters? I have to stop Lucifer quickly. What would happen to my younger sibling if my money is gone? The growth fees? Tuition? Father and Mother don’t have a good grasp on economics! Yes, I have to become like a demon for my little sibling!’

Ark thoroughly firmed up his spirit. Therefore Ark had gathered 70 Bellos’ eggs over the last few days from the nests. He didn’t need to worry about food for a while.


A frustrated sigh emerged from Ark’s mouth. He went through all this because he was lacking in information and experienced a large number of trials and errors! Now he was perfectly adapted to the environment of the Outlands after the past 6 days. His efforts meant he gained 13 levels and he gathered quite a few items. But was that all? He also obtained 70 Bellos’ egg full of nutrition so he didn’t need to worry about food for a while. Despite all of that……

“What good is it if I used the STK-VII?”

He had also used 2 STK-VII.

“Damn, now I should stop hunting the Bellos. If I become too greedy and dozens of monsters swarm again then I might have to use the last STK-VII. Besides……”

Ark hadn’t come to the Outlands to gain experience and items. He had received a quest from

Marquis Martin to infiltrate Charem.
“I thought I would be able to find it somehow if I went to the destination of the hidden city……”

Charem was 1,000 km from Nabe. If he walked then it would take a month but Ark had the air board.
However, he often received surprised attacks from monsters while travelling on the air board after entering the Outlands. But Ark kept his eyes open to surprise attacks and managed to reach the quest destination in a few days. However, Marquis Martin hadn’t given him the exact location of Charem. No, he didn’t know Charem’s exact location when he gave Ark the quest. Marquis Martin told Ark that Charem was hidden in a 100 km diameter around the coordinates he gave Ark.

‘It is amazing but Charem is still a city. It’s not like finding a needle and I have the air board so I should find it in one day. I should worry about how to enter the sealed city.’

At least that’s what Ark thought.  It had been 4 days since he arrived at the destination. Yet he still couldn’t find the city on the 4th day. He was also distracted by hunting. Ark would sneak out of the designated area for 3~4 hours to hunt. The remaining 5~6 hours was spent searching on the air board. But over the last 4 days, he hadn’t met any users or NPCs let along a city. He had no choice. The place that Marquis Martin specified……

“It is a good thing I bought that gear. If Marquis Martin gave the information correctly….. I should go back to that place.”

Ark packed the eggs and ran across the forest. He pulled out the air board as soon as he left the vines area.

“Let’s go! Today I will definitely find it!”


Ark rose while on the air board and crossed the Outlands.

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