Space 5: Waking Up! (Part: 2)

SPACE 5. Waking Up! (PART : 2)


Just as the door was about to open. A roaring sound suddenly came from within the prison.

Hik! What is that? That… Eh eh?

The Rama medic surveyed the jail with confusion. One person was collapsed in a dusty corner of the jail. At first he thought the prisoner couldn’t withstand the itch and committed suicide. But he soon realized something was wrong. The man collapsed in the jail was surprisingly……

Is he the same species? He is from the Rama clan.

The person from the federation had escaped from the prison and the Rama collapsed. The medic hurriedly rushed towards his colleague and asked.

-Hey! What the? Why are you here? Where is the one in jail? Where is he? Hey!

“Ohh! Who….you….Relief? The Relief?”

The Rama warrior moaned as he lifted his head.

Yes, that’s me. What is going on?

“……I-I was struck.”

Struck? By who? How?

The Rama warrior looked at the opposite wall after hearing the Relief’s question. The Relief looked in that direction and stuttered.

Heok! I-iron window? Don’t tell me?

“Ugh…..I was searching around for the federation soldiers and found traces of some of them. And I tried to chase them but met the squad commander. It would take some time to track them so I was told to return and watch the prisoner. While I was returning, I noticed the iron grille on the window and found the guy escaping. So a battle begun. Dammit, that guy used some strange technology and locked me in here before escaping……”

Oh my god! That guy ran away?

“Yes, we have to hurry. He couldn’t have ran very far yet.”


The Relief jumped up. Then the Rama warrior shouted.

“You idiot! You’re a medic so how are you going to chase after him alone?”

Then follow quickly! We have to catch up before he runs far away.

“Shouldn’t you release me then?”

The Rama warrior exclaimed angrily and turned his body. The arms handcuffed behind the back caught his eye. The Relief saw the handcuffs and asked.

-Eh? Why are you handcuffed?

“I don’t know! I woke up after being hit and was handcuffed.”

Damn! This brat, now I have to release your handcuffs?

The Relief started swearing as he took out a key. He looked at the Rama warrior and murmured.

-Wait? You, what squad are you in? I’ve never seen a squad with a battle suit like yours.


The lips of the Rama warrior twisted. He ran up and crashed into the Relief’s chest with his shoulder.


The Relief was pushed back several metres into the wall. The Relief couldn’t grasp the sudden situation. The feet of the Rama warrior struck the Relief’s wrist. It was a kick from the battle suit clad Rama warrior! There was a sharp pain in the wrist and the key flew away.

Heok! T-the key!

The Relief exclaimed and stretched out his hand. However, the movement of the Rama warrior was many times faster. The pleasantly smiling warrior kicked the Relief in the stomach. The Relief couldn’t even scream as it felt like he had been hit by a truck and fell against the wall. Meanwhile the Rama warrior rotated his body and grabbed the key.

Ugh! T-that……..who are you…..?


The Rama warrior started laughing. The handcuffs fell from behind the Rama warrior at the same time.

“I’m Ark.”
—————————————————————————————————————————-‘Dammit, it’s the end!’

Just before the Relief entered the prison. Ark became gloomy while scratching away at the iron grille. He had already separated two iron bars. There was no way it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

‘Damn, I was too short-sighted. I should’ve put on the battle suit when I started…..’

Ark had thought about using the battle suit. He used the battle suit when climbing the snowy mountain but it had been 18 hours since then. Therefore the battle suit was 100% charged. The battle suit increased his body’s ability by 30% so he could easily get rid of 3~4 iron bars. However, not everything would be settled by just escaping the prison. The federation base was still hundreds of kilometres away and there were Rama scouting units in the area. Ark didn’t want to abuse the battle suit excessively.

‘But that means nothing if I can’t escape from the jail.’

It was a mistake in judgement. He was in a desperate state when he heard the Relief opening the door.

‘Wait? Come to think of it…..’

Then something popped into Ark’s head.

‘After listening to their words, the squad commander isn’t convinced that I’m the only one who hit the main base. And they don’t know that I can use a Rama battle suit.’

It was impossible for the federation to use the Rama’s battle suit. If they knew that then they would’ve questioned him closely. In Galaxian, NPCs could also resurrect via the Fairy like users. So Ark had the idea of passing himself off as a Rama. But Ark was overlooking one thing. The snow storm hadn’t stopped yet.

‘The snow storm hasn’t stopped so the Rama can’t communicated with each other. It’s been two days since I killed them so the scouting warriors that I killed should’ve already revived. They are the only ones who know my identity. They can’t know that I was the one who stole the bike from the base or that I can use a battle suit!’

Then couldn’t Ark take advantage of the Rama battle suit in this situation? The Relief would have no choice but to fall in chaos.

‘But that’s not enough.’

Ark mixed in a few tricks. The conversation the squad commander and Relief had before leaving!

‘They don’t know that I can understand the Rama language……’

Ark still didn’t understand why he was skilled with a foreign language. Thanks to the dialogue, Ark knew that Relief wore a communication device. He heard them talking about the scouting troops enough to be able to fool the Relief. The iron bars were off the window. Of course, if the Relief thought calmly about it then there was no way for a person to squeeze through the two bars. But the Relief believed the battle suit and the scouting talk and became confused. Well, the Relief sensed something strange in the last moment…..

He was lucky. In the end the handcuffs were released.
“The effect of SMT-518 is no joke.”

Ark said as he took out the Impact Blade.

“I was rolling around the ground for 30 minutes. Now I’m going to repay the favour.”

How….the federation…..the Rama’s battle suit…..

The Relief stuttered with an expression that indicated he didn’t understand. However, the Relief wasn’t stupid enough to not understand what was happening next. The Relief turned and tried to run out of the jail. And he tried to close the door and lock it! A blade squeezed through the gap in the door. It felt like a beast was shaking the door with its fangs.

Ugh, no! I need to stop him somehow!

The Relief turned pale and pushed against the door with his body.

“Set Bullets Shooting!”

Cheolkeok, cheolkeok, cheolkeok! Pepepeng!

The door where the blade was stuck caught on fire. It was a shot fired from the Impact Blade. 3 bullets went through the door and entered the chest of the Relief. 3 bullets went flying! The Relief’s chest exploded and he flew back several metres. He raised eyes sick with fear as the iron door opened. Ark pulled out the long sword and went through the open door.

“Now, how shall I repay you? Huh?”

Ack! Aaack!

The Relief screamed and pulled out a pistol. It looked like a trivial pistol so normally he would’ve just ignored it. However Ark had ignored the special grenade a few days ago and almost died because of the crystal prison. Therefore Ark learnt that he couldn’t ignore seemingly normal ammunition. This was the 24th century. How could he know all of the weapons that the aliens used? This was also a learning experience.

Peng! Syu syu syu syu syu!

Ark lowered his body and the ammunition hit the wall. A green gas appeared and the iron wall turned black. He didn’t understand it that well but the medic’s bullet seemed to have a chemical action. Even his shield would be ineffective against a gas projectile.

‘But it is still a bullet.’

Ark leaned forward and ran forward like a sprinter. His sword shot off a black light.

“Sonic Sword!”

The sword broke the sound barrier and hit the neck!

“Impact Shot!”

First the neck was bleeding and then bullets hit him.


<You have inflicted a serious blow and the enemy will receive additional 150% damage>

The message appeared as the Relief was shot. At this point the battle was as good as finished. As a medic, the Relief was someone specialized in healing. He was no match in a 1 on 1 fight against the warrior Ark. The bullet pumped an unidentified gas but it was a special type of gun that only fired one shot. They had to reload the ammunition every time it was fired. Ark was a close combat specialist and wouldn’t give the enemy that chance.  The Relief changed to a bloody rice cake once he closed the distance and used gun, sword and kicks.  In the end the medic gave up on the gun and pulled out a syringe like weapon but the result was still the same.

-Achievement + 80.

The Relief was converted into achievements. When he defeated the Rama warriors he had obtained 120 achievements for 2. The Relief was a special occupation so it gave more achievements despite being lower levelled than the warriors. But now wasn’t the time to be happy.

“The rest of the Rama scouting units will arrive back tomorrow. But I don’t know when the squad commander will return.”

He could see that the squad commander was a considerably high levelled Rama warrior based on his armour. He couldn’t check using the Infrared Scope but he could guess based on the equipment. He was at least level 50 or more!

“I can’t guarantee my victory if I face him……”

Either way, this place was enemy territory. It was wise to avoid fighting with the squad commander if victory couldn’t be guaranteed. However, even if he was in a hurry! Even if there was danger! He couldn’t just leave like this.

“This is a Rama outpost. There might be something worth money.”

Ark looked around with greedy eyes. The first thing that caught his eye was the monitor on a desk. A small memory stick was plugged in and a map appeared on the monitor. The map showed a mountain with red dots and lines drawn on it.

“This mountain is…..this is the mountain I entered hibernation mode on. And if I use this map……clearly this shows the position of the scouting units!”

This information was as valuable as gold because Ark could use it to avoid the scouting unit!

“Damn, the OS of my Nymphe……”

The data of the Rama was compatible with the federation’s system. Therefore Ark had no choice but to memorize the map.

“Is there any other information I can use?”

He manipulated the keyboard and other information appeared.

-!#$&#@##$!caeQdDf1! qolq!#$%!#$#$%!

However, it was just letters that he couldn’t decipher. He could understand the Rama’s language but he couldn’t read it. There were also some photos of a giant robot shaped like a strange ostrich.

“I don’t know what it is but I might be able to get some achievements if I bring it back to the base.”

Ark took out the memory stick and placed it in his bag. And again, again and again. Ark rummaged through the room anxiously before he was finally able to find it. It was a box of supplies appropriate for the outpost.

“What is this? A-amazing!”

Ark’s eyes turned to gold as he stared at the box. Inside the box were basic supplies like Space Food, various ammunition and a large number of recovery ampoules. Fortunately Ark……

“W-wait? Heok! This is a big deal!”

He screamed and grabbed his head. He belatedly realized that there was no room in his bag. It was full of the Zaliman ore he picked up in the pyramid. Apart from that, Ark also had 5 Space Foods and two boxes filled with 50 Fire Bullets when he left the pyramid. He had ran out of food and used all the Fire Bullets so he only had a limited amount of space. It wasn’t enough to pack all of the items in the supplies box.

“Ohhh, I can’t grab all these items when they’re so close to me!”

But his bag wouldn’t become wider no matter how he thought about it.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll just pack the items that are expensive like the Zaliman ore.”

Ark had to compromise with the supplies box.

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

He then heard the familiar sound of an engine outside the window. Ark automatically turned and looked out the window.

‘Dammit! That bastard, he’s already returned?’

The storm was blowing wildly but he could confirm that one bike was returning. Ark confirmed that it was the previous Rama warrior. It was a sudden return but Ark didn’t panic. At first he had thought it was better to avoid fighting him if possible. However, he changed his mind after seeing the map on the monitor.

‘Looking at the map, there are only several areas where it is possible to cross the mountain. But those areas where the ones filled with a lot of red dots that indicated the scouting unit. The only road not blocked by the scouting unit was the one back to the base. If I’m not here when the Rama warrior returns then he will definitely look for me. It will take more than a day to cross the snowy mountain so I’m bound to get caught. It will be even more difficult if they use bikes. It is better if I dispose of him here.’

Anyway, having the element of surprise might be better. But Ark had another reason for being determined to fight. He had confidence that he could win against the level 50 enemy. The reason for his confidence was something that he found in the supplies box. He became certain of victory once he obtained ‘that.’

‘Yes, I can’t just run away like this.’

Ark smiled and muttered. After a while……

Relief, that federation guy…..

The Rama warrior entered when he suddenly flinched and closed his mouth. The door of the jail was hanging half open. His expression was rigid as his eyes looked over the scattered furniture and bullet marks. And in the middle was the bloody Rama medic! He could understand the situation immediately. The prisoner had escaped while he was away!

What is this? What? What on earth happened?

The Rama warrior shouted with a puzzled voice.

Dulsseok! Dulsseok!

The bloodied body of the Relief started shaking. The Rama warrior ran up and touched the Relief.

-Relief, hey Relief, what happened here? That guy? Where is that guy? Relief!

The Rama warrior realized that the shaking of the Relief’s body was strange. But he thought the Relief was just taking a breath. However, there was no energy in the body of the Relief. His temperature remained as cold as ice. The body was unmistakeably a corpse. Even if the Infrared Scope wasn’t used, it was possible to see that it was a corpse with one glance. However, the body was shaking! Shaking! The Relief’s body continued shaking.

What, what the? H-how come? What’s going on…..?

The Rama warrior stuttered at the bizarre phenomenon. Meanwhile, the Relief’s shaking had become even more intense. At first it was just squirming but then started bouncing like a freshly caught fish. Then the Relief seemed to have reached his limit and the chest split open. Then something red tackled the Rama warrior. It was a red shape that broke through the Relief’s chest and ran at him.


There was a heavy impact sound. The Rama reflexively took out his sword and retreated a few steps with concentrated eyes. And…..his face was dyed with surprise. The red form was a dog covered with blood. A dog had appeared out of a corpse. However, the more amazing thing was the dog’s face. The body was unmistakably a dog but the face……


The dog’s head had the face of the Relief! A dog with his face had rushed from the Relief’s corpse.

-U-unbelievable! What? What on earth is this? H-how……?

The Rama warrior was in a state of shock after seeing a scene similar to a horror movie. Suddenly he felt a pain in his back. The Rama warrior fell to the ground with surprise. He opened a gap of 3~4 metres and saw an incomprehensible scene.  A Rama warrior was standing next to the open door? A monster that appeared from the corpse and an unidentified Rama warrior!


“You are indeed worthy of being a squad leader. Your reaction rate is quite good?”

This voice is……how did you get a Rama battle suit…..?

“Your senses are also quick. That is praiseworthy. Although you probably can’t understand what I’m saying.”

The unidentified Rama warrior. No, the man inside the Rama battle suit just laughed. Needless to say, this was Ark clad in the battle suit. And he was the reason for the hell hound with the Relief’s face! Just before the Rama warrior arrived, Ark had used Rune Carving and sacrificed the corpse of the Relief to summon the hell hound. The Rama warrior naturally didn’t know any of these details. Of course, the Rama warrior wouldn’t be able to understand without the interpreter even if Ark explained it. But the reaction was immediate.

Armour armament!

The insect like armour appeared and wrapped around the body of a warrior. The battle suit smoothly fused with the shoulder and wrist.

‘That movement isn’t normal… is clearly a close combat battle suit. Plus……’

He discovered the Rama warrior was level 52 through the Infrared Scope. This was the highest levelled Rama warrior that Ark had ever faced. He also wore a close combat battle suit. He probably won’t be easy to fight. However, that was only if the warrior could fight properly.

I don’t know what you’re thinking but I’ll make you regret it.

The Rama warrior walked closer. And he tried to swing his sword!


The Rama warrior suddenly stopped. His body started twisting and he tried to look at Ark.

You, heok! Y-you bastard…..ohhhhh, what did you…..hak hak hak!

“It’s finally kicking in.”

Ark laughed and raised ‘it.’

-SMT-518 (×5)

Item Type: Injection Drug

A refined drug made from a fungi that causes an intense itching sensation.
In Galaxian, there are some planets infested with fungi that can cause various skin diseases. SMT-518 is a drug developed to treat one of these skin diseases. Patients with a bacterial skin disease show excellent improvement when injected with SMT-518. But if given to someone without a skin disease then it will cause uncontrollable itching as a side effect. This is a pharmacist medicine. It is difficult to abuse the drug.

<Used to treat skin diseases>

* Those without a fungal skin disease will experience excruciating itching for 30 minutes.

This was something he found in the supplies box. It was the SMT-518 that the Rama warrior used to torture Ark! While the Rama warrior was withdrawing from the hell hound, Ark who was hidden behind the door quickly injected the SMT-518. This was the identity of the sting the Rama warrior felt.

Heok heok heok. Y-you bastard….Kik, ack! D-dare……

“Do you want to die? Is it painful?”

Ark knew better than anyone the effect of SMT-518. It was so ticklish that he wanted to tear his flesh off. Anyone who experienced it personally would sweat at the thought. It also lasted for 30 minutes. He felt like dying while scraping away at the iron grille with his handcuffs.

“You can’t understand but I’ll give you some friendly advice.”

Ark leisurely took out the Impact Blade and muttered.

“I am Ark. I’m that good a guy to not return everything done to me. Now that I’ve returned the favour……”

Hak hak hak! Y-you bitch! I’m going to kill you!

The Rama warrior panted as he tried to run up to him.

“Hell hound, go!”

Kong kong kong! Kong kong kong!

Saliva dripped as the dog ran up to the Rama warrior. The Rama warrior who was concentrating on Ark was bitten on the ankle. However, there was no time for him to scream. He had neared Ark before the hell hound bit him.

“……Now I will return it with interest! Set Bullets Shooting!”

Cheolkeok, cheolkeok, cheolkeok! Pepepeng!


<You have inflicted a serious blow and the enemy will receive additional 150% damage>

The message appeared after the Rama warrior was shot. Then it fell completely into Ark’s pace.
The Rama warrior was level 52. He was 8 levels higher than Ark. He was also a Rama squad leader so he had great skills. However, the most important thing in close combat was concentration. Since close combat had a distance of 1~2 metres, one single moment of carelessness could lead to defeat.

“Sonic Sword! Impact Shot!”

Ark was concentrating.

Hak hak hak! S-sword way….ack! Hik hik hik!

But the Rama warrior couldn’t concentrate. It was impossible for him. Ark also knew this. He knew what SMT-518 felt like. It was like hundreds of hands were tickling every corner of his body! No matter how much he tried to endure, it was impossible for his body to not spasm. No human would be able to concentrate in such a situation. And it wasn’t just the SMT-518.

“Dog, go! Go! Go!”

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The hell hound was 1/3rd the level of the sacrifice. The Relief was level 30 so the hell hound was only level 10. The hell hound couldn’t do any real damage. However, biting the Rama warrior’s ankle was enough to stop his movements for a bit. The itching and biting wouldn’t stop!

‘I would be having a hard time if fighting directly……’

Now the Rama warrior was a mass of bleeding flesh. The Rama warrior was in a critical condition while Ark had only lost 30% of his health. The result of the battle was already confirmed. In the end, the Rama warrior was in a desperate state and screamed.

Kuack! Dammit! This bastard, I’d rather just die! Ack! Hik hik hik!

The Rama warrior was covered with blood, tears and a runny nose. He really looked pitiful. So Ark said fondly.

“You don’t like it?”

Ark had suffered for 30 minutes in the jail. Ark was the type to always pay back a grudge with interest.

“You are a warrior. Exert your power a bit more. Do you understand? You suddenly want to die? Don’t lose courage so easily. A miracle might happen if you don’t lose courage. Hang in there.”

Ark’s encouragement caused the Rama warrior to try and attack again. After 15 minutes. The Rama warrior was almost dead and Ark’s battle suit only had 5% mana left.

‘Should I finish this now?’

“18 Barrage!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The fists of the Hyper Drone poured out indiscriminately!

-Achievement + 100.

The Rama warrior finally died and received the achievements. The Rama warrior was thankful to Ark for granting his wish and went to heaven. Anyway, the battle suit disappeared after 18 Barrage and the hell hound was also unsummoned. The hell hound melted down and the smears of flesh disappeared.

“The sight of a dog emerging from someone’s flesh with their face is disturbing but the 5 star rated skill is quite good.”

The results were satisfactory.

“Now, shall I start working earnestly?”

Ark whistled and approached the supplies box. He poured his bag full of Zaliman ore into the box. Some messages had appeared after he took the SMT-518 out of the supplies box.

-Achievement + 7.

<If you capture supply items from the enemy then you will receive additional achievements>

He was given achievements for obtaining the enemy’s supplies. Therefore Ark emptied his bag into the box and packed all the supply items.

-You have seized the enemy’s supplies box and gained 322 achievements.

Killing the two warriors chasing him gave 120 points, the medic and Rama warrior respectively gave him 80 and 100 points. And obtaining the supplies box gave him 322 more achievements. That was a total of 622 achievements! If he combined it with his previous achievements then that was a total of 1,870 points.

‘Besides, the items can also be used!’

But sadly he couldn’t take all the items. Ark once again dumped out all the Rama supplies in his bag. He gathered the minimum food and bullets needed for survival. He then combed through for the expensive items and packed it in his bag along with the Zaliman ore. Ark discovered an unexpected item while he was doing that.

Mana Battery Pack (×2)

Item Type: For Mana Charging

A battery pack used to increase the mana charging rate of the Rama’s battle suit. If the battery pack is operated then the mana charging speed of the battle suit will increase. This effect only applies to the Rama’s battle suit.

<It will restore 1,000 mana within 30 minutes>

‘There is an item to quickly charge the battle suit?’

When thinking about it, the federation battle suits also had a battery to restore their energy. It was impossible for the Rama to not have an item like that.

‘The batteries for the federation’s battle suits are expensive so this should be equivalent to that price.’

Of course, this battery was exclusively for a Rama so he couldn’t sell it in a federation area. But he had no ideas about selling it. The Rama battle suit was an essential item for Ark. He went back to sorting the items. The health recovery ampoules were also expensive so he filled 25% of his bag with them. The remaining 75% spots left were filled with Zaliman ore. He looked at the heaped up items but there was no more time.

‘I have to cross the snowy mountain before the scouting unit returns!’

He had to live and return. That was Ark’s main priority. He exited the building and it was a bunker disguised as a snowman. It was 300 km from the federation’s base. It was slightly further away from where he entered hibernation state but there was a relatively gentle slope in front of the bunker. This was one route to cross the snowy mountain.

“Although I experienced some difficulties, I got some achievements and items as a result. I also inputted the location of the Rama main base into the Carrier MR-II! At first I thought it was unlucky but now I seem quite fortunate.”

Ark laughed at the thought. Ark didn’t know that Valencia had snatched the Carrier MR-II. He had received the 5,000 achievements and silver medal of valour meant for Ark. But it was better for him not to know. If he knew then he would probably die from the shock. The snow storm that had lasted for a fortnight also weakened. The long storm was coming to an end.
“Did you check?”

An old man asked with a nervous expression. Another man with a huge body and dark face shook his head.

“They all told me the same thing.”

“Did he really desert the army?”

“I don’t know whether he really deserted but it has been a fortnight since he returned.”

The huge man sighed with an unpleasant expression.

“He went through quite a bit of trouble in the meantime. This is a disputed planet and I’ve overheard enough to know what type of treatment the prisoners received…..that guy’s situation is the same. The prisoners seemed to be bullied by the regular troops. Some prisoners were so desperate that they gave up.”

“Oh my god! Those difficulties……”

The old man sighed with a tearful expression. The large man looked at the old man for a while before asking.

“What do you think?”

“Huh? What did you say?”

“That guy. He was a prisoner so his situation was serious. If he couldn’t endure then he would give up. Actually, that is true for quite a few prisoners. But this is that guy. Would that guy give up so easily?”

The old man wiped his tears with a handkerchief. And he shook his head with disapproval.

“No! He is not that type of person!”

“I thought like that as well. We know better than anyone that he won’t give up so easily. Both the regular troops and prisoners spoke badly about him. They suggested that he had been bullied. I can’t believe their words. And there are also some people that talked differently.”

“People who talked differently?”

“Do you know the female office in charge of the prisoner’s supplies, Irina? I don’t know why but she is the pretty female with a cold expression. Anyway, she said that he was bullied for a bit but he had been doing quite well recently. I also got the same results from the prisoners who followed him.”

“The prisoners who followed him?”

“That guy had prisoners following him and calling him Hyung-nim. I heard those prisoners are now in a difficult situation after he disappeared. Because that guy was the one who obtained food, the prisoners are starving to death.”

“Starving to death? He gave his food to them?”

“Yes, that’s right. Anyway, this isn’t a problem that we can interfere in. I went to look for those prisoners and they talked a lot about their Hyung-nim. They believe it is impossible that he gave up.”

“Then they think…..?”

“He’s still alive somewhere.”

The huge man touched his beard and answered.

“He was missing as soon as the storm started. He might be isolated somewhere because of this storm. The communication won’t work and he couldn’t request any help. That is the most persuasive answer right now.”

“If that is true…..then how can we help?”

“If communication is interrupted then the best way will be to search but…..”

The man looked at the weather before continuing.

“We came here because we have a contract. We can’t possibly act independently.”

“That’s right.”

The old man replied with a sigh.


Everybody gather! All prisoners, mercenaries and troops gather at the square in front of the base. All troops need to gather in the square by 14:00 so that equipment can be checked and supplies distributed. I repeat. All troops……

Sirens started ringing and a voice was heard through the loudspeaker.

“It has started. We should go.”

Both men headed towards the square in front of the base. The soldiers soon gathered at the square after hearing the broadcast. There were 400 regular soldiers with the mark of a spacecraft around a blue planet, 100 people wearing the garb of the prisoners and 200 mercenaries sent from Istana.

“Everybody listen up!”

A loud voice was suddenly heard.

“200 years ago, our forefathers left for the frontier to ensure the survival of the human race. They were able to conquer numerous hardships and finally built a new home in the Milky Way galaxy. But the history was never calm. Our enemy is obvious! It is dirty Rama aliens who made a mess of our galaxy! Our ancestors have a long history of blood shed with the Rama. And we are still encountering them on a large number of planets.”

The garrison commander of Beltana stared at the soldiers with blazing eyes.

“We can’t forget about the blood shed by our ancestors! We have to shed blood to protect our children and grandchildren. Now we’ve finally got a great opportunity.”

But Haman’s eyes looked at the young man next to him. The young man was the leader of the 1st armoured platoon Valencia! Haman looked at Valencia with a trusting expression and said.

“I don’t doubt Valencia’s loyalty. Despite the snow storm, he somehow managed to discover the location of the Rama’s main base. We can finally end the long battle!”


“Hooray for Platoon Chief Valencia!”

The regular troops cheered after Haman’s eloquent words. Haman raised his fist and shouted.

“Now proud soldiers of the galactic federation, let’s head to our victory. Our victory on Beltana will be the starting point to drive the Rama out of the Bellin constellation!”

“Waaaaahhhhh! Let’s go!”

“Let’s get revenge on the vile Rama!”

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

There was a ponderous engine sound and 5 large Memeod advanced forward. Dozens of bikes surrounding the transport and the mercenary squadrons followed behind.

All of the vehicles had the same navigation coordinates.

X-@$!#! Y-!#$!#!

It was the coordinates of the Rama base that Ark had sent. The final decisive battle for Beltana was going to begin.

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