29 thoughts on “Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 47 Chapter 5

  1. DogMeat

    OMGGGGG!!! Just check this website as an old habit without any expectation and I see the strange words “Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” . I’m SO HAPPY Turtleeeeeeee. Thank you for “lucky money” in New Year. Happy New Year xDDDDDD

  2. Ilma

    Thanks Turtle! What a long chapter. Will the whole. Volume be as long or are shorter chapters coming?

  3. Calm dude

    Thanks for the chapter, while waiting i got hooked to a couple of good ln , can give you a list if you want to have a good read.

  4. Azar

    Will the new chapter release every 2 days like before?
    Can’t wait the next..
    Btw thanks a lot for the chapter!

  5. Ryan

    Oooo yay finally finished.
    Thank you so much great start to a new year now that ive gotten to read this.
    Anychance youll be able to tell us what your plans are on releasing lms?
    Daily weekly monthly?

  6. Tobias Tjernström

    Holy smokes the length of that chapter, thank you so much for the patience to struggle through translating that.


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