Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Table of Contents

lms             Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The man forsaken by the world, the man a slave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined.
Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3.1 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road.

This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

Translation Checker: Sunova

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Volume 1-20

Royal Road
Japtem (Up to volume 17)

Volume 21 Chapters 1-9
Being re-translated for better readability and accuracy. 
Weeds Royal Road

Volume 21 Chapter 9~ Volume 22

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Volume 23~26

Clicky Click Translations
Volume 26 Chapter 9 (LMS wiki)
Volume 26 Chapter 10 (LMS wiki)

Volume 26 Chapter 11~ Volume 27

LMS Machine Translations

Volume 28

Chapter 1: Melbourne Mine
Chapter 2: Bardray and the Royal Guards
Chapter 3: Woomba Belkain
Chapter 4: Approaching Danger
Chapter 5: Excavated Ice Beauty
Chapter 6: Special Reunion
Chapter 7: Inferior Duel
Chapter 8: Armour Taken Away
Chapter 9: Second Secret Sword Technique
Chapter 10: Helium’s Rebirth
Chapter 11: 30 Gold Event

Volume 29

Chapter 1: Failed Sculpture
Chapter 2: Garden of the Gods
Chapter 3: Orc’s Choice
Chapter 4: Worst Destiny
Chapter 5: Ruins of King Belsos
Chapter 6: Final Sculpting Master
Chapter 7: Spirit King’s Sculpture
Chapter 8: Choice of the Northern Lords
Chapter 9: Activities of The Sculptural Lifeforms
Chapter 10: Sulleion Tribe’s Trap

Volume 30

Chapter 1: Great Disaster at Rocky Canyon
Chapter 2: Fire Warrior
Chapter 3: Tubkal Peak
Chapter 4: Stone Statue in The City
Chapter 5: Black Knight’s Route
Chapter 6: Statue in the Square
Chapter 7: Hermes Guild’s Endless Greed
Chapter 8: Song of Bahamorg
Chapter 9: Monsters of Antarosa
Chapter 10: Bahamorg’s Memory

Volume 31

Chapter 1: New Secret Sculpting Technique
Chapter 2: Bahamorg’s Power
Chapter 3: Seo-yoon’s Smile
Chapter 4: Battle of Sisley Castle
Chapter 5: Dark Gamer’s Fate
Chapter 6: Hummingbird’s Journey
Chapter 7: Life of a Hummingbird
Chapter 8: Disaster Three Times
Chapter 9: Embinyu Church’s Suffering
Chapter 10: Talk of Heroes
Chapter 11: Sea Turtle

Volume 32

Chapter 1: Expansion of the Arpen Kingdom
Chapter 2: Wet Land
Chapter 3: Gathering of Paladins
Chapter 4: Roderick’s Labyrinth
Chapter 5: Sacrifice of Paladins
Chapter 6: Landlord’s Appearance
Chapter 7: Demon Slayer
Chapter 8: Large Bloody Battle
Chapter 9: Great Achievement
Chapter 10: Roderick’s Research Records

Volume 33

Chapter 1: Grass Porridge Cult’s Naval Warfare
Chapter 2: War on Land
Chapter 3: Battle on Yellowy
Chapter 4: Winner of Rupoi Plains
Chapter 5: Nodulle and Hilderun
Chapter 6: Time in the Past
Chapter 7: The Versailles Continent in the Past
Chapter 8: Flames of Disaster
Chapter 9: Seo-yoon Caught in Between
Chapter 10: Crossroad of Life and Death

Volume 34

Chapter 1: Nodulle’s Suffering
Chapter 2: Zahab and Queen Evane
Chapter 3: Battle of Portu’s Royal Castle
Chapter 4: Collapsing Castle
Chapter 5: Sculpture that Makes a Miracle
Chapter 6: Exquisite Treachery
Chapter 7: Desert of Tranquillity
Chapter 8: Person Who Calls Rain
Chapter 9: Hero of the Past

Volume 35

Chapter 1: Victory of the Haven Empire
Chapter 2: Metapeia Conquest
Chapter 3: Matchless Warrior
Chapter 4: In Times of War
Chapter 5: Warrior Saving the World
Chapter 6: The Disappearing City
Chapter 7: War in the Past
Chapter 8: Emergence of a Tyrant

Volume 36

Chapter 1: Commander of the Dark Army, Van Hawk
Chapter 2: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest
Chapter 3: Best Offering
Chapter 4: The Strongest Warrior
Chapter 5: Darkness, Fear and Plague
Chapter 6: Van Hawk’s Dignity
Chapter 7: Eternal Colleague Zahab
Chapter 8: Python Going to the North
Chapter 9: Embinyu Army

Volume 37

Chapter 1: Dulmore Fortress’s Misfortune
Chapter 2: Advance Notice of an Outstanding Performance
Chapter 3: Emergence of a Bad Warrior
Chapter 4: Eye of the Storm
Chapter 5: Weed’s End
Chapter 6: Embinyu’s Power
Chapter 7: Destination Point
Chapter 8: Traces of History
Chapter 9: Pallos’s Power
Chapter 10: Invasion of the Haven Empire

Volume 38

Chapter 1: Scattered Subordinates
Chapter 2: Sky Tower’s Workers
Chapter 3: Eyes of a Landlord
Chapter 4: People of the North
Chapter 5: The Will of Great Emperor Weed
Chapter 6: Tower Crashing into the Ground
Chapter 7: Black Dragon Ausollet
Chapter 8: Dementia Dragon
Chapter 9: Black Bear and Dragon

Volume 39

Chapter 1: Dragon’s Crisis
Chapter 2: Embinyu’s Avatar
Chapter 3: Choice of a Thorny Path
Chapter 4: Eons of Erosion
Chapter 5: The Final Step
Chapter 6: Nodulle’s Ending
Chapter 7: Time Sculpting
Chapter 8: Treasures of the Sea
Chapter 9: The Return of the King

Volume 40

Chapter 1: Internal Affairs of the Arpen Kingdom
Chapter 2: Kill Without Asking Porridge Unit
Chapter 3: Abyss Knight and the Hermes Guild
Chapter 4: Emperor of the Haven Empire
Chapter 5: Encounter with Subordinates
Chapter 6: Alkazar Bridge
Chapter 7: Sky Porridge Unit
Chapter 8: Great Emperor’s Quest
Chapter 9: Resurrection of a Hateful Subordinate

Volume 41

Chapter 1: Hero’s Short Agony
Chapter 2: Hero’s Advent
Chapter 3: Disaster Occurring
Chapter 4: Frontal Attack
Chapter 5: Weed’s Song
Chapter 6: A War that isn’t Possible
Chapter 7: Tilting War
Chapter 8: Collapsing Royal Palace
Chapter 9: Haven Empire’s Misfortune

Volume 42

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Volume 43

Chapter 1: The Meaning of Time Sculpting
Chapter 2: Teneidon’s Call
Chapter 3: Dragon’s Quest
Chapter 4: World of the Fairies
Chapter 5: Day Assault
Chapter 6: Emergency
Chapter 7: Weed the God of War
Chapter 8: Crushing Blow
Chapter 9: Haven Empire Raid
Chapter 10: Black Knight’s Fate

Volume 44

Chapter 1: Waking up the God of War
Chapter 2: Seo-yoon’s Father
Chapter 3: The Special Myul Griffon Knights
Chapter 4: Empire’s Fall
Chapter 5: Noble Sculpture
Chapter 6: Great Master
Chapter 7: Ratuas’ Reward
Chapter 8: Hermes Guild’s Raid

Volume 45

Chapter 1: Exploiter of Glory
Chapter 2: Formidable Enemy of the Haven Empire
Chapter 3: Weed’s Profit
Chapter 4: Puhol Fortress
Chapter 5: Exposed Plan
Chapter 6: Joining of the Avians
Chapter 7: A Real Hero

Volume 46

Chapter 1: Declaration of Surrender
Chapter 2: Hermes Guild’s Outcome
Chapter 3: Water Park that Will Earn a Fortune
Chapter 4: The North’s Largest Construction
Chapter 5: Puhol Water Park
Chapter 6: The Day that Time Stopped
Chapter 7: Desert of Tranquility
Chapter 8: Reckless Challenge

Volume 47

Chapter 1: Beginning of a Star
Chapter 2: Baby Star
Chapter 3: The Best Hard-Working Craftsman
Chapter 4: Second Profession
Chapter 5: The Loa Sword
Chapter 6: Hunting Record
Chapter 7: Jeong Deuk-soo’s Anger
Chapter 8: Weed’s Trap

Volume 48

Chapter 1: Kallapik Castle
Chapter 2: Swaying Public Sentiment
Chapter 3: Great Villain’s Dream
Chapter 4: Seeds of Attack
Chapter 5: Gluttony Demon
Chapter 6: Ripples at Fort Odin
Chapter 7: Siege of Fort Odin
Chapter 8: Hidden due to Spoiler


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    Is this really good? I have read to chapter 4 of the first volume and it seems so weak. I mean, its just a game. Its kind awkward when he talks with NPCs. Its different from Overlord or Sword Art Online, where it stopped being a game and became reality, where their lives were really in danger.

    Does this novel change in the future? Or the game continues being just a game?

    1. Aldermon Golding

      It continues to be just a game. There are a lot of “touching” NPC talks, so if that is not your thing I suggest not reading. However it is a great light novel. MC isn’t whiny, decent battles, great plot and development, not rushed, all around good read. But to each their own, maybe read a couple volumes before coming to any sort of conclusion.

        1. Trull Sengar

          I actually like the fact that its just a game. Because, otherwise it just shows the author never played a game. In a game its impossible to complete it on the first try without dying. Specially on a MMORPG.

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      It’s not complete, but it’s pretty close I think. There’s really not much more the author can do by the end of Volume 47…I heard mention of the author trying to finish it by Volume 50, but that it may go a bit beyond that if he feels it’s necessary to do so to give the story a proper conclusion.

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