I’ve run into a few repeat comments or questions so I’m going to try to answer them below.

  • Gender/Age?

Female and in my twenties. Currently studying at university and working in retail.

  • How do I contact you?

You can contact me at my email [email protected] and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

  • Are you looking for another translator/editor/someone to help you.

At the moment, I’m not looking for any help as I feel like that would slow me down. If I ever need help then I’ll let people know.

  • Please don’t overwork yourself.

At the moment I’m on holidays from university so I have a lot of time to translate. It’s also quite fun and it feels like I’m reading along when I’m translating so it doesn’t feel like hard work. Please don’t worry about me overworking myself.

  • What time zone are you in/ when do chapters normally get updated?

I live in Australia so my timezone is GMT +11. I normally update from 9 p.m. onwards although sometimes the chapters will come out earlier. I also update the progress bar when I go to sleep at night.

  • Are you really a machine translator/ what program do you use to translate?

Due to various rude comments and emails, I am deleting the document that I created to explain my translation process. But some information should still be in the comments on my About Me page. From now on, I won’t be replying to any questions about the process or replying to any rude emails. Sorry about that and thanks for understanding.

P.S. I literally get dozens of emails asking me about translating everyday and I simply don’t have the time to answer them. Which is why I said that I won’t reply to any of those emails. For those asking about the document, it’s very basic and most of it is how to use memsource. Memsource has a tutorial video on the website if you’re having difficulty using it. If you get gibberish when you upload a raw document, it is because the file is a txt file. You need to save the raw as a word document with Korean encoding and then use that document instead.

  • What is your schedule?

I will alternate between translating LMS andΒ DH except with the donation limit is reached on a particular story.


43 thoughts on “FAQ

      1. crevanthkumar

        hey, i have a suggestion.
        it would be good to change the word “Yes?” to “Huh?” in most of the translation since the letter translates to both and “Huh?” is more meaningful in the flow.

  1. Caleb

    I think you are a fantastic person and that you are doing a great job and would also like to thank you for doing this even though you don’t have to

    1. Flabbergast

      I agree with previous speaker. I have to say though that I am tempted to find your employer and make him or her fire you from your job so that you have more time for translating. But since that would be evil, cruel and stalkingish I abstain.

      Please continue as you do, we (speaking for all the happy leechers) are really grateful.

      Thank you!

  2. CandyMountainTroller

    thx for your hard work i was wondering if u were going to do the second season of 8 volumes also?

  3. Tedji182

    Hi, I would just like to ask where you get the ark korean raw. I tried downloading from japtem but the korean raw .txt only has a korean character title but upon opening it, the contents dont seem korean at all. pls reply through my gmail or here. thanks.

      1. akuks

        you could open the file with ms office, upon opening you will be ask to confirm using korean word or not. that’s what I do btw

  4. Kaco Ka

    Thank you for hard work translating.
    Translations are really good and easy to read.
    Keep up the good work.
    I like how you started using blue notification boxes for announcement messages since its easier to find where i stopped reading(btw i read most of your translation on smartphone).

  5. akuks

    just when I wanna try my hand on translating, DAMN you haters.
    so basically you just use memsource and lingoes? I thought I read that you have 3 steps before, or maybe I’m wrong.

    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      If the author hasn’t published any volumes in english by the time I finish the sequel to Ark, then I might consider helping out Jaws. But if you want to translate it then maybe message Jawstranslations first? Since they’re still translating it.

      1. akuks

        could you share your method of translating once again turtle? I just wanna try translating LMS just to read myself, just like when you started this project. you could email me the process if you couldn’t shared it in public. much appreciated.

  6. kuko

    ^ i did try using memsource and lingoes but I guess I still don’t get how to go by each line, some sentences are really hard to re a range, I am just surprised how fast you do it, your translations have inspired some of us. While they might not be as perfect as yours as long as it’s readable, I think we could contribute to all by translating things we enjoy when we have our spare time. Thus I would like to know the method you use to do this miracles.
    Thanks in advance Mr turtly~

  7. zooba

    Too bad others gave you so much grief you deleted the document describing how you do the translations, I would have liked to experiment with the process on other series.

    If you’re feeling up to it and it wouldn’t be too much trouble I would appreciate if you could email it to me(I’m pretty sure admins can see the email in these comments). If not feel free to ignore this comment.

  8. habib

    hi ,

    I would like to Donate to support you and your work.

    Ark, Zhan Long; are my primary light novel that I would like to support their continuation.
    I would like to reduce any money concerns you might have.

    Please allow me ^_^

  9. lihmao

    Do you plan on releasing e-books (epub/mobi) versions for complete volumes, like Japtem did? I would be very glad if you did and I’m sure a lot more people would be too.
    Anyway, thank you very much for you effort and time spent! πŸ™‚

  10. Miles_Naismith

    hi miss turtle if u are reading this then i want you to know that in my opinion you are one of the best solo translators in all translating community. if there ever were popularity poll for translators i would give my voice on you. keep up the good work and thanks for picking lms. i and many others do apreciate your work.

  11. Kekakoo

    Did you get the author’s permission to translate Ark? I’m just curious and don’t mean any harm (=

  12. Credes

    thank you for LMS translation and your hard work during your free time that make my free time great!

  13. antonie307

    thanks for fan translating lms. just turned off adblock since i am going to check this site more often now.

  14. mikej

    you are absolutely wonderful for translating LMS. thanks, and “turtle power.”

    is that still a thing? turtle power? was when i was a kid growing up to TMNT…never know. yeah i’m old but i grew up with the best cartoons.

  15. Pervert de perverted perverter

    Are you single?

    I am just curious. It not like I am interested or anything, b-baka!

  16. [email protected]

    Some weeks ago you posted your new schedule. It seems like the schedule posted here is outdated

    I love your work turtle, Thank you very much, LMS makes me really happy and keeps me day dreaming

    1. Syr_Reiht

      Until she updates the schedule:

      “2 LMS – 1 dungeon hunter – 1 LMS – 1 dungeon hunter- 1 LMS – However many DKG chapters can be completed in a day –start of cycle again”

  17. Java Java

    First I’ll apologize for this Question if this was mentioned , do you compiled your work after a single vol has finished in an PDF file or you just posting your Translation on you webpage?


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