Dungeon Hunter: Table of Contents

dungeon       Dungeon Hunter (던전사냥꾼)

I failed and will challenge again.

There is no room for failure in my second life!

72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth.

And the Awakened.

I am a hunter that will devour all of them.


This novel is complete with  78 chapters published.

Author: Onhu (온후)

Translator: Rainbow Turtle


Chapter 1: Beginner’s Protection Period
Chapter 2: Easter Egg
Chapter 3: Raid
Chapter 4: Deception Part 1 | Part 2
Chapter 5: Lightning Queen
Chapter 6: 2000 vs 800
Chapter 7: Dungeon’s Internal Stability
Chapter 8: Demon World Auction
Chapter 9: Krasla and Chrisley
Chapter 10: Heaven’s Will
Chapter 11: Group Training
Chapter 12: Ranking Competition
Chapter 13: Dungeon Attack Record
Chapter 14: Place of the Fallen Gods
Chapter 15: Gigantes
Chapter 16: Breeding Species
Chapter 17: 15 Day War
Chapter 18: Demon World Auction
Chapter 19: Creature Showdown
Chapter 20: World Tree
Chapter 21: Dwarf, Quest, Success

Continued over at Gravitytales (I am still the translator).


26 thoughts on “Dungeon Hunter: Table of Contents

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  2. Jaunedice

    Personally, I don’t really like this. I hated the fact that they just added a game system into this world. It would be interesting without it in my opinion. Also, it’s pretty confusing with them adding stuff into the story with little explanation.

  3. LW130003

    it is interesting, when will you open the voting? The one I like currently is Demon King’s Game it remind me of age of empire and this Dungeon Hunter I like how fast it is developing looking forward how he will start to hunt other demons’ dungeon core.

    1. quantezl

      You guys really have to start reading her posts lol I’m sure she gets a bit upset answering the same questions repeatedly. The poll goes up after all 6 teasers are play posted

  4. Jared

    This one is by far my favorite, I really hope you continue Dungeon Hunter. But of course write what ever makes you happy. Thank you so much for the translations!!

  5. Reeves

    Even though I hate the setting of Potential, that seems to be “decided” on birth, the story is interesting. Hope for more.

  6. sambody

    72 dungeons are based on 72 demons of Ars Goestia in the grimoire “Clavicula Salomonis Regis” or Lemegeton a.k.a. The Lesser Key of Solomon.

  7. Mubeen

    How did the series finish in 78 chapters? When there are atlesst 72 dungeons, 😮 i wonder the story gets congested in the future…

  8. LW130003

    Could you also put chapter title in Gravity toc? If not update this toc also? It is more comfortable when I was going to Reread some specific chapters.
    Thank you and regards

  9. sambody

    Ate turtle, thank you ! To tell you the truth, this translated novel that you have finished (the dungeon hunter in gravitytales) was my first translated novel that id read to the finish line! I was not bored reading it like that coiling dragon that i gave up. THANK YOU and PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO TRANSLATE MORE. Im your fan from the Philippines, i may be older than you but you deserve to be called ate (big sister).


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