Delays to LMS

Hey guys,

It is really annoying when I give people a timeline and post it specifically in the chapter so that people won’t miss it, yet they still do. I said that it would take more than a week, yet people were already demanding the chapter when it wasn’t even a week yet or complaining that I am slow.

It is hard enough working up the motivation to translate a really long chapter, let alone getting bombarded with all of that. Therefore, I have been barely translating LMS in the last few days.

The current status is 55% and it will take a few more days. If people keep asking me when the chapter comes out, then I might lose more motivation and the chapter might take even longer.

Sorry for those who waited patiently, but I’m really not in the mood atm.

Rainbow Turtle.


165 thoughts on “Delays to LMS

  1. deva

    So its already decide delay until next year?

    I will not check the web every day now lol

    Thanks you turtle have a good rest 😀

  2. Alphonse

    Have a long break till next year Turtle ^.^ Enjoy the holiday season and Xmas with family and friends. Genuine fans will not be bitter or blame you for doing t hat. You are doing everyone a favour here and not owing anyone here anything.

  3. Blackbird

    Please don’t take it too hard when people always asking, there is too many stupid people out there that not bother reading and only care for chapters, beside this is internet we are talking.


    Well it didn’t bother that much I can wait, take care and merry xmas.

  4. Lawrence Lopez

    I wish I could help in some way, I can not translate but I will send my positive vibes at you like a spirit bomb. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG

    While I do f5 every hour on the hour I realize the stress this can build on the translator and even though there are buttholes who you wonder how they even found the internet bothering you, there are nice people who appreciate that you even translate in the first place.

    I have been ghosting here for a long time and this is my first time actually typing something out. Just wanted to say, great work and thank you for everything.

    (as I sit here patiently biting my nails to the nub for how seoyoon will react when she sees the completed star)

    Sincerely and Happy Holidays :]


  5. akshaymig

    Ms Turtle …. i never knew huh! Anyways have a good long break. We are truly thankful 🙂

  6. Raphael

    Like others, I kind of check F5 on the site every time I go surfing online, I imagine that this collection should be tense, as well as others, I wish you Mr. Turtle, good rest, enjoy friends, family, so As Weed has always prioritized, the family as high and low as they are, is our family.
    And so it is with you, I have always been a few words in the comments, often just a ghost accompanying your excellent work, in short, you are part of each family of each person accompanying your translations.
    Hugs and thanks for the commitment and dedication you have given to so many beautiful moments.
    May God bless you always.

  7. Blue Turtle

    Take your time Ms turtle,

    We are grateful that you keep translating even when the internet is the way it is.
    i have and will be coming to this site every day to just to keep waiting for you to update things ,whenever they may be, no matter how long it takes. so just keep swimming.

    happy holidays and i love ya!

  8. Mike

    I hope you take time to rest yourself. I appreciate the hard work that you put in. Please enjoy your rest.

  9. Lyara

    Don’t get pressured by people asking for LMS, this is the very reason why so many people dropped the series, since people are impatient and there will always be a nob head that will pressure you to release, release, release…. it’s hard not to focus on the negative, but you should try focusing on the positive in the comment section!
    Get yourself some help if you don’t succeed, many people do some course or therapy one way or another that deal with lots of comments/critisim. 🙂

  10. Necromik

    Thanks Rainbow!

    I enjoy all your current stories, with the finished DH, and n progress LMS and DS….really cool new story.

    I appreciate all that you do and Enjoy your holidays brake!!
    Spend time with your loved ones and come back recharged in 2017!
    Happy holidays to All!

  11. Eden Walker

    thank you for your hard work and you insanely impressive hard work on dungeon hunter. rest well. and recover well. it is the festive season.

  12. Ptn

    Take your break, get some rest we will still be here waiting for your chapters thanks for your hard work.
    Don’t worry enjoy your break.


    Happy Holidays!
    Personally, I do not think we even have the right to judge/rush you translating chapters. They are free anyway. AND YOU DO SO MUCH WORK. THANK YOU!
    I hope you have the greatest holidays, and good job ignoring those pestering people. They got an appropriate punishment, lol.

  14. RangaTempest

    To the lovely ms. multi-spectrum testudine, long time reader, fan and lurker, though i do not often post to express my gratitude i would like to let you know i’ve been with you since you first picked up LMS and never was there a better day, you rescued us from monthly (if that) releases and have provided translations of the highest quality.

    It’s sad that you had/have been beset by entitle little shits, despite that you have provided us this (free) service at the price of what could otherwise be your own leisure and yet they see fit to demand of you something that was never owed.

    I sorely miss your releases (seriously crack fiending from the lack of supply) but i wish you well (and by no means meant to say that as a demand btw) wish it was possible to subscribe to your content in a way where you could perma peeps from your site/prevent people from stealing your hard work too (iirc peeps were rehosting your translations earlier this year) either way i eagerly await your return, till then be well from the bottom of my heart i wish you a happy new year!


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