Ark the Legend: Table of Contents

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A new game which the nation has dived into. From the bloody battlefields to the pyramids of ancient times, head into the colourful world of Galaxian. The glorious days of the legendary gamer Ark is over. From finding a job to saving the party from a humiliating death, nothing is easily solved……

This is the sequel to Ark. You can read the previous series here. This sequel currently has 23 volumes published and is still ongoing.

Volume 1

Space 1: The Name is Ark
Space 2: Galaxian
Space 3: From the Beginning Again
Space 4: The Octopuses’ Dream
Space 5: R-14’s Master
Space 6: Welcome to Nephalim (Part:1)
Space 7: Welcome to Nephalim (Part:2)
Space 8: Scavenger
Space 9: Invader

Volume 2

Space 1: Ruins Exploration
Space 2: Secret of the Relics
Space 3: Planet Beltana
Space 4:The 3rd Group (Part 1)
Space 5:The 3rd Group (Part 2)
Space 6: Straggler
Space 7: Pyramid
Space 8: Pharaoh’s Legacy
Space 9: To the Base…..!

Volume 3

Space 1: Ikram
Space 2: Beyond the Crisis
Space 3: His and Her Circumstances
Space 4: Waking Up! (PART: 1)
Space 5: Waking Up! (PART: 2)
Space 6: Touching Reunion
Space 7: Unauthorized Attack
Space 8: Doom Machine (Part: 1)
Space 9: Doom Machine (Part: 2)

Volume 4

Space 1: Hero Making
Space 2: New Goal
Space 3: Unfinished Quest x3
Space 4: Over the Border
Space 5: Hospital Incident
Space 6: Outlands
Space 7: Fishing Reel
Space 8: Under the Black Water……
Space 9: Secret of the Prohibited Area

Volume 5

Space 1: My Name is Alan!
Space 2: GO! GO! GO!
Space 3: Unknown Enemy
Space 4: In the X…..
Space 5: Curse VS Curse
Space 6: Never-ending Quest
Space 7: Like a Phoenix! 
Space 8: That Guy, This Guy, That Guy
Space 9: After a Long Quest…...

Volume 6

Space 1: Special Reward
Space 2: CEO’s Responsibilities
Space 3: Mt. Fargo
Space 4: In That Place
Space 5: Mystery of the Stone Mountain
Space 6: Cave of Terror
Space 7: Enemy Unknown
Space 8: Land where the sun sets and sun rises
Space 9: Elim!

Volume 7

Space 1: Throwdown
Space 2: Hero VS Hero (Part: 1)
Space 3: Hero VS Hero (Part: 2)
Space 4: Flying the Federation’s Flag….
Space 5: That Man
Space 6: Sector S-20
Space 7: Visitors
Space 8: Amara
Space 9: Light that calls the Darkness

Volume 8

Space 1: Escape
Space 2: Galaxian Now…..
Space 3: Unconfirmed Field
Space 4: Abyss of Despair
Space 5: Silver Star
Space 6: To Istana!
Space 7: Pioneer Quest
Space 8: That Man
Space 9: Event! Event! Event!

Volume 9

Space 1: Ark’s 24 Hours
Space 2: The Best Hunting Ground
Space 3: Water Cleaning Strategy
Space 4: After the Clean-up
Space 5: My Land!
Space 6: Rakunka
Space 7: God’s Messenger
Space 8: Temple
Space 9: Power of God

Volume 10

Space 1: Black Hawk
Space 2: Unexpected Visitors
Space 3: MIX-UP
Space 4: Are You Ready?
Space 5: Turan the Hawk
Space 6: Impeltus
Space 7: Secret Laboratory
Space 8: Operations Team
Space 9: Raiders

Volume 11

Space 1: Silver Star VS Asura
Space 2: Descent!
Space 3:  Lost
Space 4: Asteroid E-2036
Space 5: It came from Outer Space
Space 6: The Man called God
Space 7: The Sleeping Enemy
Space 8: Dark Star
Space 9: At The End of The March

Volume 12

Space 1: Bug?
Space 2: In Another Time
Space 3: For the Benefit of Muratio Star!
Space 4: 3 Monkey Brothers
Space 5: Valley of Darkness
Space 6: Ark x Hawk
Space 7: The Murat Saga (Part: 1)
Space 8: The Murat Saga (Part: 2)
Space 9: Back to the Future

Volume 13

Space 1: Sudden Attack (Part: 1)
Space 2:Sudden Attack (Part: 2)
Space 3:Sudden Attack (Part: 3)
Space 4:Sudden Attack (Part: 4)
Space 5:Sudden Attack (Part: 5)
Space 6: And….
Space 7: Details of the Magic Event
Space 8: Ark’s Worry
Space 9: Ghost Planet

Volume 14

Space 1: Inquiry
Space 2: Treasure Hunter
Space 3: Door of the Dead
Space 4: Soul City
Space 5: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Space 6: The Third Divine Artefact. And?
Space 7: Fight for the Slaves’ Liberation
Space 8: In the Name of the Father
Space 9: Trouble

Volume 15

Space 1: Lost Planet
Space 2: Disappearance
Space 3: Unknown Planet?
Space 4: Sir Martin!
Space 5: Hero of the Past, Current Hero
Space 6: Now They….
Space 7: Rajenka’s Inscriptions
Space 8: Eisyeon Nakuma
Space 9: No Time for a Break

Volume 16

Space 1: Jurassic Park
Space 2: Those who are Abandoned
Space 3: Forest of Chaos
Space 4: Bio-Plant (Part: 1)
Space 5: Bio-Plant (Part: 2)
Space 6:
Space 7:
Space 8:
Space 9:

Setting Collection

A collection of information about the setting of Galaxian that the author wrote. Please don’t read it until you’re up to at least volume 7 in case of some minor spoilers.

Setting Collection


105 thoughts on “Ark the Legend: Table of Contents

  1. steeflers

    Wow ya estamos en en volumen 28 capitulo 2..
    Por lastima me he omitido todos desde el volumen 11 capitulo 1..
    Gracias por el capitulo..

  2. BB

    Please prioratize translation for Ark the Legend. I might sound selfish, but I have 2 main reasons for this request.

    1. LMS is a very popular light novel with several translation versions in many popular sites and blogs. While Ark the legend translation is only being updated by you only. Therefore, please keep all the Ark fans along with the story line, the anticipation is … Thank you very much for such a generous thought to share your translations online. You have made my 3 hours commute to work quite toleratable.

    Others, please give Ark a try. LMS series can focus too much on Weed’s selfishness, greediness and his evil plans to exploit others. Ark in the other hand, keeps a balance between that nature of penny pinchers (with actualy strategy) and the elaborate story line.

    2. Ark has been translated at an average rate of 1.5 days per chapter. To have a sudden slump (4 days) so far is truely a hit to my anticipation of what happens to the ship when the Ark’s team exit warp. This might just be me, but I bet there are several other Ark fans who can agree.

    Many thanks again for all your work. Please let me know if I can help in anyways.

    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      I have my reasons for translating LMS and I’m going to stick to it. Ark is just releasing slow atm because I’m building up chapters and it is almost catching up to the raws. Once I get back from my holiday then it will be every 2nd days, which isn’t that long to wait.

    2. zxcbbnm

      I say ark story focus on Ark more than LMS focus on weed.
      There are many interesting characters other Weed in Lms, while in ark, it’s just ark and everyone running around him. The 2nd series even worse than the 1st in that aspect.

    1. BB

      Turtle is a miss. Do pardon me if you find this rude.

      It is listed under ongoing projects tab.

    1. Charles

      Not the summons from the first Ark series. He just recently got a summon who is similar to his bat, however more like ark is as a person, which annoys the hell out of ark. Hopefully that helps.

      1. ShadowBlazer

        Well there was that one chapter where briefly returned to The New World on Global Exos’ bidding to promote the game again as connections and sign-ups were declining. The Interviewers wanted to see the people around Ark instead of the character himself since he had acquired more than enough press since, so who better to talk to and look at than the ones who spent the most of their time with Ark, his Summons Curio, Puritan, and Burning Soul. Let’s just say, the Interview didn’t go as what Ark had planned. left

  3. lightdx

    I could’t liked Ark in new world more than i did. It was just the best. This secuel is very good thought it feels like a little forced and i would rather him to fell in love with one of the previous heroines instade or Irina, actually it feels like they were completly left behind, thought i think they were a lot more interesting than her. Still i found this secuel pretty good and i can’t wait for the next chapter.

  4. cactus720

    did Rocco give up or something or was she dropped from the series and after all the work she did was for nothing

  5. Niels Løgstrup Mulvad

    I don’t know, I finally cranked out the original series, and is 4 volumes in, but man I really don’t see the charm that the original had.
    The lack of characters that Arc is surrounded with from the old game is strange, I mean they was some of the top players where they not? Also while there is a short explanation about the romantic view point, it is very shallow. So a girl that has been chasing Arc for several years suddenly drops off due to being an idol (or what ever), and the other girl moves to another place to study? was she not an adult that worked full time for several years? (studying?) Heck the bread and the woman where are they? I would have thought that the first thing you do as a company is collect the people that seemingly worked well together before and pair’s them up when there is a terrorist threat.

  6. Mohamed Afsar

    Ark was a guilty pleasure for me toward the end. how i loathed his character.but the story was still damn addictive. i am afraid to start this sequel since i’m pretty sure i’ll get hooked again lol. just gonna stick to LMS.loved it way more from the start anyways. Thanx for all ur awesome efforts RainbowTurtle

  7. Orlando

    For some reason it feels like more than one week since the last update. Maybe because I’ been hooked on reading non stop since I discovered this web novel without paying attention to time, is that I have this sensation but even by trying to cope with LMS doesn’t abate my hunger for more ARK. My deepest congratulations to the team doing this amazing project.

  8. Lueds

    G’day there.

    I want to say thank you for your efforts to date in translating ATL, I’ve really enjoyed this, Ark and LMS to the point of losing track of time, being so immersed in the story lines.

    I understand that you have decided to quit further translation of ATL which saddens me, and from what I have seen, many other ATL fans.

    I hope that you can see your way to resume translation sometime soon or point us in the direction of another translator who can take over the ATL work.

    We love the work you have done and thank you sincerely.

  9. HalloWeenThree

    Dropped… o_o…

    Ark has always been one of my favorite novels and I always, as in ALWAYS, look forward to chapters translated by you. And everytime, I always feel grateful for your effort because YOU are the only one translating and you dont even know the language itself (how majorly AWESOME is that?) Seeing Ark dropped for a second time (the being in japtem) really saddens me. But nevertheless, I feel very thankful and proud of you to have gone this far.

    Thank you very much turtle. For everything 🙂

    Just one question: Do you have any plans of translating Ark again in the future? No matter how far it is? (!___!)?

    1. Geb

      If i remember correctly from a post on his old website. He doesn’t like the series anymore. Soo it is unlikely.

  10. Rainburn

    Just found out you quit translating ATL …. I was actually waiting for the chapters to pile up, please do translate it again if you have the time…. Thanks so much for your hard work 🙂

  11. Jay

    Look I completely respect your decision to discontinue translating this particular series but is there anyway that we can implore you to at least finish Volume 16? I have searched a lot of places and have still yet to find anyone translating this series, and it would be absurd to ask you to pick it back up since you’ve dropped it but surely finishing the volume isn’t too much to ask, right?

  12. Eva kun

    First comment in 2017…. hm im sorry for disturbing you, turtle sama, but when can youyou continue this Ln?

  13. jeff

    Por favor volta com ark the legend, amo essa novel, já cansei de procurar em outros sites, ‘—-‘


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