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This is a website dedicated to translating Korean novels.

Just an Australia girl in her 20’s with a love for reading.

I use a mix of machine translations and my basic knowledge of Korean to translate. I believe in providing reliable and quick translations for the readers.

My email is [email protected] if anyone needs to contact me about something.


Rainbow Turtle.


140 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Andre Brito

    Ow… a girl. Nice to meet you. Feel free to come to Brazil. I’m not good in english, but I try.

  2. otetonline

    Thank you for your hardwork.. I am really grateful for the time and effort you are giving in this project. This is a great series and for me the best out of all light novels that ive read so far. Kudos to rainbow turtle.

    Grassporidge! Gradsporidge! Grassporidge!

  3. medicalgirllisa

    Thanks for translating LMS turtle noona..
    I’m addicted to this novel, and really enjoy every chapters.
    Can’t wait for a new chapter every day..
    I hope you always well and have a good life..

    Greetings from Manado, Indonesia 🌸

  4. Henry Kalundwe Jr Siwanzi

    Thank you for all the hard work. Your translations of LMS are the best things to happen in my day

  5. Vayu

    Hey Turtle, where did you learn your Korean? I just got curious especially after all these high speed, high quality translations. Since you’re even able to pick out novels from Korean sites, I’m guessing you have some level of fluency?
    Thanks for all your translations btw!

  6. faiz

    Thanks for the translations alot! And i would like to know about raid breaker status coz i am damn interested. Cant help to ask .are you taking it like lms bcoz ur so fast….. 🙂

  7. elizer paul

    Turtle ssi, how can I receive your every update of new chapter(s)?

    I cannot find or I am just lazy looking for it.

    Thank you for your work.

  8. [email protected]

    Hi, first of all thx for all your work.
    I just want to let you know of a little problem with your website…it’s a few week now that i have a problem when visiting your site, more specifically it become slow because of an increasing in adobe flesh player memory, increaning every second till 1g or less (now for ex. is 761 MB). I checked end only when i close your page adope go down…maybe is some publicity banner or i dont know but i have aldreay apdated the last version of adope flash player and still find the same problem.
    Hope to be of some advice for your work ^_^’ see ya
    (P.S: using Firefox)

  9. Trull Sengar

    Hey turtle, nice works. I normally don’t donate (cause Weed is my idol) but I really do want to donate here. How do I do that?
    Also is there any chance of the teasers to come in to production?

    1. Trull Sengar

      Also I’m kinda confused because Raid Breaker is under Ongoing projects, but you said it was a teaser.
      And is Dungeon hunter a teaser or an ongoing project? They are both completed novels so it’d be great if you did them.

      1. guest666666

        Right now she is only translating Dungeon Hunter and weed. 3 weed releases and 2 dungeon hunter releases pet week. You can donate using the donate button on the right side of the page. Every time a series reaches $50 in donations, the next day the OTHER series is being translated, the series that has reached $50 in donations will be translated and released on that day instead.

  10. Macha

    Happy birthday turtle! Love from Sweden. <3

    Your translations are the light of day and thanks to you I found the inspiration to strive for a dream through the story's.

    I wish you all of luck in your life and that you have an awesome birthday because you deserve it!

  11. milton f. Junior dos santos

    sorry for the English (google translator) and the fact that I to you I am a stranger (one BR / Brazilian kkkkkkk unknown)

    and if so, I would like to thank you for the work you have done and that has given me much happiness.
    the world is big enough to never in terms conchecido or the bump in the street, but the divilgaçao of their work and dedication in their translations made me want to have you as my friend.

    apologize for the possible inconvenience

  12. kanzay

    Thank you very much for these translations! Keep up the good work and mind your health also

  13. Admirer

    Just want to say you’re awesome because you alone got me interested in reading. I’ve always liked manga’s and anime, but books have become a new outlet due to you translating this wonderful light novel. Thank you so much, and you are awesome. I hope you have a great holiday season, and I’m praying for you. 🙂
    – Just a guy in his twenties who thinks you’re the best.

  14. Monoloxxo

    Thank you so much for your translations, they are great, if i were to ask you only one thing is to give a second chance to ARK, i really love the series and i became sad because you were the only TL translating it and you dropped, so i wish you could give ATL another try :3

  15. Hieu

    happy new years turtle.
    Thank u so much i have read several good novels this years. Hope u be well, lovely and healthy.


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